Characters & Themes

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If your event has a theme in mind, our Performers love to try to match it! We have set ourselves apart from most event childcare companies out there by offering this unique and vibrant way to connect to children. Children love playing with our real Faeries or Mermaids while their parents have a chance to enjoy the celebration.

We have seen some adorable themes over the years! Our favorites are the ones that children make up all on their own. Some of our favorites have been; 'Mouses that are camping', 'Robot teddy bear wearing orange', and 'Kangaroo sleep-over in pajamas'.  

Because some of the most memorable themes are one-of-a-kind, we have created one-of-a-kind Characters. All of our Characters accent a wide variety of themes, because we never know when we'll be invited to another 'Toothbrushes and shoes' birthday celebration. *laugh*

Lookin for Elsa? Meet our favorite matching Character, our Frozen Snow Faerie! 

Meet her here!

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Fantasy Characters

Just for Fun

Looking for Clowns? Our Circus Girl and Circus Gent are Happily Ever Laughter's version of a clown. A little more gentle, and full of sparkly class!