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(ppsstt! Remember! We cannot promise a particular performer. Read more about why here )

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(This can be handy if you need to send your performer a text message on the day of your celebration in order to avoid talking on your phone during your event. Please let us know if you prefer to not text your performer.)

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(We love to tell our performers as much as possible about the celebrant. The more information we have, the better we can make the show! Example, what are their favorite colors/music/stories? If this isn't a birthday, tell us more about the event!)


Great work! Now, onto reserving your spot!

There are two ways to pay your invoice. (!)

Option 1: Pay only your deposit online today and then
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The deposit amount must match your invoice, or your information will remain
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Option 2:  Pay in full online today to avoid having to deal with
cash on the big day. We require all celebrations that are outdoors to be paid in full before we will attend because of our rain policy (link opens in a new window).

: We do not have an option to pay the 'final balance only' on our site.

If you choose option 1 and only place a deposit, your final balance must be
paid in cash to your performer on the big day. Please and thank you!


Please enter the deposit amount OR the full payment amount here (must match your invoice):

All outdoor events must be paid in full to be reserved on our calendar.


The deposit portion of your payment (see your invoice to confirm how much your deposit is) is currently NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you prefer a deposit that is 100% refundable, add our optional 'Cancellation Insurance' by checking the 'Yes!' button below. 

Yes! I would like my deposit for 1 of my Performers to be 100% REFUNDABLE. Please add $25 for the Cancellation Insurance!  See full details. (If you have more than 1 Performer, please reach out to your SecreFaerie for how to make your deposit refundable).

No thanks. I like to walk on the wild side, and I am fully aware that my deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Even if it rains. Even if I want to cancel and book a new, shorter visit. Even if someone gets sick. Even if there is a family emergency. Even if I want to change the date of the party. Even if elephants start stampeding down the street. If you ask for a refund for a non-refundable deposit, we will direct you right back here to read this fun paragraph again. Whee!


If you opted to 'pay in full' instead of paying the deposit only, the *final balance portion* of your payment is 100% completely REFUNDABLE at any time. 


 (Required) Checking this box means I've read and agree to All 6 Terms & Conditions. (yup, even that part about cancellations, Performer requests, and rain.)


By making this payment, our calendar is reserving exactly what is written on your invoice.

(Need an adjusted invoice? Request one from your SecreFaerie before placing a deposit!)