We're Hiring!

To the Faerie Applicants

Hello prospective Faeries and Elves!

Thank you for visiting our Faerie world!

My name is Fae Diddle Diddle, and I'm the Head Faerie at Happily Ever Laughter. Thank you for taking an interest in the open position for new Performers for our event childcare company! I've written a lot of helpful information for you on the page for how to apply for this very special position. 

What we are searching for:  Bay Area based children’s entertainment company, Happily Ever Laughter, is on the search for new Performers! This is the perfect way to add some sparkle to your life (and extra cash) while only working 2 days per week! You can live anywhere in the Bay Area or North Bay Area.

If you have an eye for costume and make-up design, a background in childcare, and a knack for making children laugh, this may be your dream come true! 

Who we are:  Happily Ever Laughter has been keeping children busy at events around California for 10 years. Our Performers have been invited to over 14,000 birthday celebrations, corporate events, TV shows appearances, summer camp programs, and school visits. 

You may have heard of visiting events to entertain children before...and let me take a moment to say Happily Ever Laughter is a bit different. Here, you are treated like a prince/princess not only on the job, but behind the scenes as well. We stand out in the event industry because each of our Performers are employees of Happily Ever Laughter (as opposed to independent contractors). What does that mean to you? We provide everything. The uniforms, the booking process, the training, the insurance, the supplies, the behind the scenes support...so you can focus on the most fun part...being a Faerie with children. Yay!  

Job Description;  Attend events and bring engaging activities (you will be taught how to paint faces, play with puppets, and even use magic!) to keep the children entertained. 

Each visit starts at 1 hour in length, and you are paid hourly. Our Performers currently make $12k to $18k per year, while only working 6-8 days per month.

Families and companies are hiring us for the quality of our staff and activities, so you end up performing for familes that can't wait to meet us. That means being around better behaved children, happy grown-ups, and having a fuller schedule. 

How to Apply:   Submit your resume to FaerieTraining@gmail.com AND include a current photo of yourself, your childcare background, and at least professional 3 references.

If we think you'll be a good fit, we will reach out to you for an in person interview.

If the interview goes well, you will be welcomed into our workshops to prepare you for the audition. Full gas compensation will be provided to North Bay applicants for attending the Faerie workshops, upon a successful audition. 

With proper practice, you could begin performing within a month of your first interview (or if you already have a background in performing...sooner)!

These positions usually yield a lot of applicants, so I encourage you to make your resume STAND OUT! This is one job where creativity comes first, so let it shine! Good luck! 

Requirements:  You must have your own, reliable vehicle, as you may have to travel up to 1 hour away (depending on where you live) for the event. You will be compensated for all travel time and mileage to and from your home base. 

You also MUST MUST MUST be punctual. Being on time (and even early) is more important than anything else. If this is a problem for you, do not apply. 

You must available all weekends each month, with ONE weekend off (if you want, you can work all weekends). Anytime off must be requested at least one month in advance. 

Applicants are strongly recommended to have experience with young children, music, glitter, and working independently. 

Pretty please, do not call our company phone number to ask about the position. The SecreFaeries that answer are working with parents to plan events, and are not connected to our hiring department. Also, please do not use the online 'chat' function on our website, because that is also directly connected to the booking SecreFaeries. For all questions and application submissions, use FaerieTraining@gmail.com. You are also welcome to reply to the Facebook post with questions, and we will answer you there *smile*.  

Fae Diddle Diddle