— Who are we? And, what do we do?

 Happily Ever Laughter's whimsical approach to event childcare focuses on engages children quickly with our engaging activities, so your event can run smoothly! From matching event themes with our vibrant themed character collection, to bringing along interactive activities, we keep the children busy so the grown-ups enjoy the celebration!

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Who comes to care for the children at your event? Meet our employees (we lovingly call them our 'Faerie Family' or our 'Performers') to have a glance into our backgrounds, interests, and dreams (there are lots of fun photos, and things that grown-ups have said about each one too!).

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Each and every one of our Performers are employees, as opposed to independent contractors, of Happily Ever Laughter LLC. We carry liability insurance for every event (just in case our Magic is a bit too powerful! *laugh*). Feel free to request a copy of our insurance policy at anytime, we can send you a certificate to help with any legal mumbo jumbo that you might be needing. *smile*

Each hand picked Faerie went through an extensive 'Faerie School' which last over 4 weeks. It is taught by Happily Ever Laughter's founding Faerie, Fae Diddle Diddle, and our head activity teachers, Miss Meadow and Miss Violet. 

When you email us, Fae Diddle Diddle and her SecreFaeries personally respond to each email, phone call, and social media post.

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